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External accounting

We specialise in managing your accounting — promptly and according to schedule. We see our task as not only correctly recording data, but rather in rapidly translating this data into reports which allow you to make the necessary decisions. You also have the opportunity to go online to our bookkeeping system and inspect all the data that’s important to you, such as bank balances, open item lists, or reports that have been specially compiled for you.

This leads to optimised financial processes which give you the best-possible overview of how your company is developing.






Financial accounting in any currency

Freely defined chart of accounts in German and English

Electronic reports

Asset accounting; monthly and annual amortisation

Consolidation (domestic and foreign subsidiaries)


Processing of all due payments

Payments at home and abroad

Collection of accounts receivable invoices

Creation of payment advices


Telephone or written reminders

Monitoring of clients’ payment behaviour

Liquidity checking

Preparation of a legal dunning procedure


Creation of invoices in any currency

Electronic transfer of invoices and/or dispatch of invoices by post

Calculation of commission

Sales comparisons


Cost centre and cost unit accounting

Individual business assessment with monthly, quarterly and annual comparisons

Target / status quo comparison

Sales statistics

Project management

Risk analysis

Contract management

Project controlling

Project planning tool with time recording

Liquidity planning

Assurance of operational solvency

Data provision for banks

Monitoring of payment targets

Investment planning

Budget planning

Involvement in creating a budget

Deviation analyses

Integrated tool for budget / forecast / current 

Individual evaluations


Scanning of documents


Direct linking to bookkeeping

Archiving of original documents


Please note: We provide services pursuant to Section 6 paras. 3 and 4 Tax Consultancy Act.