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Accounting outsourcing – how does it work?

In-house accounting is a very time-consuming and demanding task because it requires a thorough understanding of the tax and financial law regulations underlying all accounting procedures. A high degree of diligence is essential here, because every posting must be made correctly, every entry must be made flawlessly and every procedure must be documented without gaps. This not only takes time, but also ties up personnel capacities and financial resources. By outsourcing your accounting, you place the task in the hands of an expert who knows all the legal basics and the requirements for the procedures. When using outsourced accounting services, you transfer the archiving and documentation to an external service provider who takes care of all accounting and payment transactions independently, professionally and competently.

dfr-External accounting

Please note: We provide services pursuant to Section 6 paras. 3 and 4 Tax Consultancy Act.

What’s your benefit of outsourcing accounting?

Accounting outsourcing creates freedom in your business. You have the opportunity to focus on your core activities while you have the certainty that the financial accounting and its processes are implemented in a legally compliant manner. This reduces your effort and hence your personnel costs because it is not necessary to employ an accountant. Outsourcing is also efficient from a financial point of view, as the costs can be budgeted on a monthly basis. You transfer the responsibility to us as an external service provider. By outsourcing accounting, you get our extensive expertise and reduce your technical effort, as you no longer need special accounting software. In addition, you receive the highest level of data security. As a provider of IT services, we use state-of-the-art archiving software and reliable encryption methods for our work. This prevents unauthorised access from the outside.

What services does finance and accounting outsourcing include?

We take on all tasks associated with accounting for our clients. This includes the processing of financial accounting in all currencies. We also carry out the electronic reports to the tax office for you. Plus, as an outsourced billing service, we provide the preparation of a freely defined chart of accounts in German and English, monthly and annual depreciation, and asset accounting. For companies with several branches, we take care of the consolidation of domestic and foreign subsidiaries. With our help, accounting becomes legally secure, precise and transparent. Of course, you have the possibility to retrieve all information promptly and effortlessly at any time and you can view our accounting system digitally. In this way, you can gain insight into the company's financial situation at any time.

Accounting outsourcing, travel expense accounting or human resources – our services

Regardless of whether you want to outsource accounting or other company internal tasks – we are your partner for various operational processes and support you with our extensive expertise and many years of experience. In addition to finance and accounting outsourcing, you can book us as an external HR department and have us record, check and process all your travel expenses. All our services are carried out based on your needs and the legal and formal framework conditions. Thanks to our experienced view from the outside, we are also able to recognise optimisation potential and identify and eliminate possible risk factors at an early stage. Since we have a diverse range of clients, from small businesses to large enterprises, we are familiar with different corporate cultures and industry requirements. Feel free to contact us if you would like to outsource your accounting!