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External file archiving – what does it cover?

Archiving files is one of the principal activities in accounting and of entrepreneurial work in general, but often it is not very popular. However, the proper storage and archiving of documents need not involve a great deal of effort if done systematically and with care. Companies, though, often do not have sufficient human and temporal resources to perform this task – especially since legal regulations must be observed about the preservation of certain information.

dfr-External accounting

External file archiving is therefore an ideal solution for many companies. As your contact for outsourcing accounting responsibilities, we will handle all activities associated with the storage of documents, sensitive information and important records. For this purpose, we use modern archiving systems and carry out external file storage proficiently and diligently.

External archiving of company files – what are the advantages?

External archiving of corporate documents has several upsides. Using our file archiving services, you will benefit from the highest level of security for your sensitive data and important documents – we will provide secure storage for all your documents. In addition, you will save costs and boost your efficiency by outsourcing this time-consuming and laborious activity to an external service provider. As our customer, you will enjoy constant transparency of data and files and have access to all your records at all times. External file storage at our company includes the careful archiving of documents in paper form, for example folders, file folders or archive boxes, as well as digital storage of data carriers. As for document archiving, we always pay close attention to all legal requirements, for example with regard to the retention period of information. Moreover, we address your individual needs and concerns, and discuss with you in advance exactly which of your tasks will be performed by our external file archiving.

How can external file archiving ensure data security?

External file storage covers all acts associated with the safekeeping of documents. This includes the scanning of papers, keywording to quickly find important information, linkage in accounting, and archiving of original documents. Thus you will benefit from legally secure and reliable storage of your files and data.

Here, we pay attention to the proper and correct filing of data – but we also observe the legal provisions regarding data protection and the safeguarding of your sensitive information from access by unauthorized persons. For this we use modern systems of archiving and use secure encryption methods. In this way, we offer you optimal comfort. We take care of all archiving tasks so you can focus on your key work and daily business.

External file archiving, accounting or human resources – professional and flexible outsourcing available

If you are looking for a reliable partner providing external file archiving, we are the right place to turn to. However, we also offer numerous other accounting services. Not only do we take care of external archiving – if desired, we will manage your budget planning and invoicing, your operational dunning system and your project management. In addition, we will handle all your payment transactions, take care of your reporting and travel expense accounting, and act as an external personnel office for you. If you would like to hire us for your external file storage, simply contact us. Take advantage of the resource saving opportunities external file archiving offers!