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External project management from an experienced service provider

Projects are an essential and characteristic part of almost any entrepreneurial activity. They are usually carried out once, serve a specific purpose and are subject to a limited time frame. Their generally high complexity typically requires separate project management, to handle project planning, controlling and monitoring. Specialized expertise regarding the project‘s thematic focus is needed for this, as well as expert knowledge on the successful implementation of projects as such. In addition, strong leadership skills are required – including the ability to select the right people for participation, and the competence to allocate tasks suited to the experience and qualifications of project participants.


This work is time consuming and involves much effort. For this reason, many companies choose to hire external project management. The advantages of outsourcing project management are many: saving resources and cutting costs, you will be able to concentrate on your core business, while professional project support will carry out all associated activities confidently and efficiently. As a service provider for outsourcing various accounting work, we have extensive experience and are familiar with a wide variety of project types.

How does effective external project management work?

External project management comprises a whole range of tasks, covering every single activity of project preparation, implementation and control. It is divided into project definition, project implementation and project completion. The goal is to apply proper planning and control, limit risks, take advantage of opportunities, and to meet project targets regarding quality and within the specified time frame and budget. The essence of project management is about achieving the desired results with an optimal use of human and capital resources. Project definition includes risk analysis, target setting, and preliminary as well as detailed planning. It deals with project organization and determines the start of the project in the form of a kickoff event. During implementation, the focus lies on project controlling, risk management, contracting and team development. Project completion consists of final inspection of results and a post-calculation – for example a detailed target / performance comparison. This is achieved using various proven methods. External project management may be realized with agile project management, project structure planning, the scrum method, lean management or using the waterfall model.

What services does outsourcing project management offer?

Within the framework of project management outsourcing, we take on all tasks requiring professional and target-oriented project management. We conduct a dedicated and systematic risk analysis for you, take care of contract management, handle project controlling, and use a modern project planning tool with time recording. All this is carried out in close coordination with you. To this end, we regularly inform and report on the progress of the project and the attainment of interim goals. Due to our profound experience in the field of outsourcing project management, we know exactly what is important for excellent and results-oriented project controlling. Accordingly, we lead your project to success – our external project management will unburden your in-house human and financial resources.

From accounting to human resources to liquidity planning: we are ready to assist you

Whether it is external project management, reporting or dunning, invoicing or budget planning: as an experienced partner in project management outsourcing, we take care of various accounting tasks, assisting you with our competence and expertise. Our external project management offers a high degree of professionalism, and we take into account all your individual requests and specifications. In addition to accounting tasks, our range of services includes outsourcing in human resources and travel expense planning. Just contact us to find out how we can support your business.