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External reporting for complete transparency of your business figures

Reporting is one of the essential tasks of accounting . While internal reporting, also known as controlling, prepares information and data primarily for internal company stakeholders such as management or project management, external reporting is essential for informing external bodies like the tax office about the company's numerical situation. External reporting is subject to regulations such as tax law and commercial law.

During reporting, relevant company data is processed systematically. Clarity and comprehensibility are essential requirements so that the report is understandable to outsiders and paints a realistic picture of the operational situation. As experts in various accounting functions, we take care of your report preparation and ensure compliance with all legal requirements and framework regulations. We process all essential data for you in a structured form and thus support your accounting system.

dfr-External accounting

Why is external reporting so important for companies?

External reporting serves to provide insight into the current entrepreneurial situation and to supply external stakeholders with information that is relevant to them. These bodies may include investors and the tax office. By transmitting relevant data, external reporting directly influences the company’s success. For example, it provides the basis for the taxation of business operations and influences the decisions of investors and business partners. For this reason, it is of utmost importance to prepare the various pieces of information as completely as possible.

With our many years of experience as a service provider in the field of accounting, we take care of preparing your external reports in a comprehensible, detailed and legally compliant manner. We carry out cost centre and cost unit accounting for you, take care of the individual business management evaluation with monthly, quarterly and annual comparisons, draw up a target/actual comparison and design turnover statistics. By providing these services, we pay close attention to the legal requirements concerning your external reporting.

What tasks does reporting fulfil within the framework of accounting?

In principle, reports serve to support decisions. The precise presentation of content, therefore, is very important. External reporting creates transparency and provides decision-makers with an overview of the company. For preparing reports, data is analysed, evaluated and clearly presented. The report enables decision-makers to make target-performance comparisons and to contrast forecast data with actual information.

The preparation of individual data records is done by using tables or graphs and refers to a defined point in time or a period like the past business year. The preparation of forecasts and future plans is based on this, for example, concerning the number of advance tax payments for the coming financial year. External reporting enables the provision of a uniform data basis and serves to improve transparency.

Outsourcing external reporting, controlling or travel expense reports – our range of services

Our services cover a comprehensive portfolio of tasks, from human resources and accounting to travel expense accounting. We develop professional solutions for companies in all industries. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are familiar with all accounting  and controlling processes. We take over your external reporting, prepare your qualified travel expense accounting or act as an external personnel department.

In all our tasks, we always attach the highest importance to the quality and maximum security of your sensitive data. To this end, we work with innovative encryption methods and modern archiving software. As a provider of external services, we have been successful for more than 20 years and have an extensive customer base that includes clients from various sectors. Feel free to contact us if you would like to hire us for your external reporting or would like to learn more about our services.