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External HR department

Human resources outsourcing for companies in all industries

Managing key HR activities such as staff development and resource management includes a whole range of complex tasks. These require in-depth know-how and a lot of time to handle carefully. For companies, this often implies high effort. Working with professional service providers in external personnel management is the best solution in this case. Human resources outsourcing creates an opportunity to raise the processes of HR management to a new level and to handle the tasks involved both efficiently and competently. As experts in external human resources management operating for more than 20 years, we have in-depth knowledge and a great deal of experience. We help you to organise your personnel management in a success-oriented way and thus to make the best possible use of your existing capacities.

External HR department

The benefits of outsourcing your human resources department

By providing human resource outsourcing solutions, we offer our clients external personnel management that covers all HR-related activities. This includes, among other things, professional job management as well as custom-fit personnel development. We also manage seminars and training courses for you. Furthermore, target agreements and the management of human resources are among the tasks we handle for you with our know-how. In all our activities, we always have your company as a whole with its individual characteristics and special features in mind. Modern processes of personnel management are our business and our passion. Our human resources outsourcing solutions provide you with the necessary capacities to focus on your core competencies. At the same time, we optimise HR management for you and increase the motivation and thus also the performance of your employees.

Your experts in human resources outsourcing

If you want to optimise your HR processes by outsourcing human resources, we are your reliable, competent and accomplished partners. We offer you professional external personnel management and carry out your HR processes in a targeted and efficient manner. In addition to our services as HR management experts, we also take on various other areas of responsibility for companies in all sectors of the economy on request. Our services in the context of an external HR department include, for example, operational contract management, payroll accounting, the creation and maintenance of digital personnel files as well as the implementation of reporting and analysis tools, for instance for target-performance comparisons or the planning of personnel costs. Even if you are considering outsourcing your accounting, we are there for you with our extensive know-how. For optimal security in handling sensitive information, we use modern software with innovative methods of data encryption as part of our work. We also carry out daily data backups so that no important information is lost. Please contact us if you are interested in human resources outsourcing and would like to learn more about our services!