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Human Resources and Accounting Services

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Externe Personalbeschaffung

External HR department

We replace or complement your HR department, and in doing so place the focus on your company and your employees.

This naturally also means we’ll treat the data and information you entrust to us responsibly and with the greatest discretion.

Thanks to the partners we collaborate with, we’re able to include all the main European countries in our service.

Take a look at our comprehensive range of services and select precisely those elements that you need for your company:




Payroll accounting

Recording and maintenance of data that’s relevant when accounting for salaries and wages
Data transfer from time recording systems
Reporting and statements
Provision for old age
Dispatch of monthly statements
Transaction of all payments

Reporting & analysis tool

Creation of individual reports

Staff ID numbers

Staff deployment planning

Staff costs planning

Comparison of targets and the status quo

Digital personnel files

Individual file structure (in line with your stipulations)

Employment contracts

Staff appraisals


Seminar attendances

Application documents


Creation of employment contracts, testimonials, and termination of employment letters

Correspondence with official bodies

Monitoring of important appointments

Issues relating to employment law are discussed and agreed with a legal partner

Absence and vacation management

Digitalisation of the entire process

Electronic authorisation

Provision of absence statistics

Maintenance of your company’s own time recording

Travel expenses

Digital recording of travel expenses

Planning, including authorisation

Checking of all invoices in accordance with your travel expense guidelines

Processing of all payments


Taking over of the entire recruitment process

Selection and presentation of suitable candidates

Administrative processing with the aid of a software tool

Strategic staff planning

Staff management

Job administration

Staff development

Agreed targets

Seminar management

Resource management

Manager and employee portal

Online access for managers and employees

Retrieval of salary statements and certificates

Employees can alter their personal data

Transfer to payroll accounting