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External HR department

How payroll outsourcing works

Payroll accounting is an indispensable but also time-consuming process in every company, which also requires a lot of know-how. Knowledge of the legal requirements and the individual elements that have to be included here must always be up to date. Payroll outsourcing helps you to save time and money. As your partner in matters of payroll accounting, we professionally and effectively ensure that your payroll procedures are carried out on time and with care. We record and maintain all payroll-relevant data, transfer entries from your time recording system and guarantee smooth reporting and certification. In addition, we process all payments for you and send the monthly payslip to all employees.

External HR department

Payroll outsourcing: your advantages

By outsourcing payroll accounting, you save a lot of time and money. Since payroll accounting is carried out by us, you do not have to assign your own employees with this task. In addition, there are no costs for special payroll software or necessary training for your employees. Furthermore, with us you benefit from maximum cost transparency, as you can calculate a fixed amount for your outsourced payroll accounting. You can also rely on us 100 % regarding the accuracy of the payrolls, because we carry out your payroll accounting with the greatest know-how according to current legal requirements. Moreover, payroll outsourcing provides protection against possible work stoppages, because while your own employees may be absent due to illness and thus have to be replaced, the proper execution of your payroll accounting with us is guaranteed at all times. In addition, we react flexibly to possible changes in your company – for example, expansions – and carry out your payroll accounting professionally and effectively.

We are your reliable contact for outsourcing payroll accounting

As a provider of external human resources services operating for many years, we have extensive experience and sound know-how in the field of human resources administration and management. This enables us to respond to all customer requirements in a needs-based manner. By using us to outsource your payroll, you are taking advantage of our broad expertise. We serve companies across a range of industries, working for both SMEs and large enterprises. With an outsourced payroll and our flexible services, you also benefit from optimal data security, as we work with state-of-the-art software and highly effective encryption methods. We prove this with the ISO 27001 certificate of the German Federal Office for Information Security.

Our services as an external personnel department

In addition to outsourcing payroll accounting, we are at your disposal for a whole range of activities in the area of human resources management and, if you wish, we can take on all the tasks involved as an external personnel department. This includes the management of digital personnel files, the entire contract system, absence and holiday time management and the recruiting of new skilled staff. We draw up employment contracts, references and resignation letters, take care of correspondence with authorities and, in coordination with our legal cooperation partner, handle your labour law matters. You can also use our services for the digital recording and administration of all work that arises in the context of travel expense accounting. In addition to payroll outsourcing and human resources management, we function as an external accounting department on request, taking over all internal and external accounting tasks. With sound experience and expertise, you can rely on us to provide the highest level of care and accuracy. Feel free to contact us if you would like to learn more about outsourcing your payroll and our services – we look forward to supporting you with our expertise!