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dfr-travel expense accounting

Professional external travel expense accounting in Munich

Take a fresh approach when it comes to the external accounting of travel, subsistence and overnight costs (for domestic and foreign travel), and commission us to carry out your external travel expense accounting.

Our offer is aimed at companies in the private sector, but is also open to those in the public sector.

dfr-travel expense accounting


We digitally process all travel expenses in a clear and easy-to-understand way.


Every invoice is assessed for tax purposes and checked in accordance with your travel expense guidelines.


We process every payment for you.

External travel expense accounting: dfr offers comprehensive support

Our support makes travel expense accounting faster and more straightforward than it’s ever been. Whatever the task, we attach importance to close consultation with our clients. You decide the extent to which you want to use our services. If requested, we’ll consult closely with you to create an individual package for the outsourcing of travel expense accounting.

Our services cover all your requirements, and if requested we’ll assume responsibility for every task in the area of travel expense accounting. The first step involves recording and thoroughly checking applications for business-related travel and the accompanying travel documents. Using this as a basis, we then calculate travel expenses while taking account of national and international legislation as well as your own internal travel guidelines. We take responsibility for the processing of all payments, and make all the payment data available to you. We also send you an informative and clearly structured report.



Correct provision of supporting documents for external travel expense accounting

In order for us to support you with accounting and settling claims, you must send us any supporting documents as originals, since only they will be accepted by the tax authorities when they are subsequently checked. In order to correctly account for hospitality offered to business partners, we at least need the reason for this hospitality as well as the companies that all the participants (internal or external) belong to. Simply indicating ‘food and drink’ on the hospitality invoice is not sufficient: all the food and drink consumed must be listed in detail.


Travel expense accounting with dfr – risk-free, fast and reliable

If you opt for dfr as your external service provider, you’ll be gaining a reliable contact person for your staff. The normally time-consuming archiving of supporting documents and comprehensive reports about business trips are likewise a fixed component of the service we provide. Furthermore, you can rest assured that we’ll account for every business trip – be it domestic or international – so that it complies with the law and (of course) your own internal guidelines. When accounting for your travel expenses, we rely on high-quality IT solutions and software provided by reputable manufacturers, and take care of system provision, data transfer and IT support. We accelerate the process by optimally incorporating these elements into your company’s specific structures. The travel expenses that we’ve calculated will rapidly appear in the respective accounts of employees who engage in business travel, thereby increasing levels of job satisfaction.


These are the advantages of working with dfr:

  • A comprehensive service from A–Z
  • Authorisation is part of planning
  • Fast and reliable reimbursement of travel expenses
  • Risk-free accounting that complies with the relevant legislation
  • External accounting based on specialised software


Are you looking for a reliable external service provider in Munich or the surrounding area which will help you with travel expense accounting? If so, look no further – we support you with our comprehensive services in the areas of Human Resources and accounting, and will gladly offer you personal consultancy. Benefit from our expertise and contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!