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Dunning Outsourcing – how to proceed

More and more companies are taking advantage of the opportunity to outsource their accounting  or human resources. In addition to these classic commercial tasks, receivables management and payment transactions are also suitable for outsourcing. By outsourcing time-consuming and costly activities such as dunning, you create capacities and resources in the company so that you can concentrate on your core business while all work concerning dunning and liquidity tests is handled by an external expert. When you outsource the dunning process for your company, you save on personnel costs and make your internal processes more efficient and streamlined.

Dunning outsourcing is very simple because we take care of everything related to the internal dunning process for you. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to process your payment matters in a legally secure and reliable manner. We take over all correspondence with customers and business partners concerning dunning and the settlement of invoices.

dfr-External accounting

Outsourcing dunning – advantages for your company

The handling of payment and dunning matters can be time-consuming because it sometimes requires a great deal of communicative effort. By outsourcing dunning, you can be sure that it will be handled carefully and in a timely manner. This way, you minimise possible bad debt losses, enable more professional communication with customers and improve your liquidity and balance sheet ratios. You also benefit from greater efficiency in terms of human resources.

Dunning, liquidity test and debt collection outsourcing – our services

As a service provider for dunning outsourcing, we ensure smooth and careful processes within the scope of your entire receivables management. By taking care of your dunning process, we carry out tasks like the processing of telephone and written reminders, liquidity tests, the preparation of legal dunning procedures and the monitoring of customers' payment behaviour. Since we have a broad range of clients, including companies from a wide variety of industries and of different sizes, we are also able to adapt precisely to company-specific peculiarities and your individual corporate culture. Of course, we always work closely with you in the context of outsourcing your dunning process so that we perform all our services in your best interests.

Dunning outsourcing – build on our comprehensive know-how

As an external business partner for companies, we take care of your dunning process and the entire receivables management in a competent and professional manner. In all our work, we act in a customer-oriented, flexible manner and take your individual wishes and requirements into consideration. As a result, you benefit from a reduction in the workload of your employees and at the same time, you can devote yourself to your central competencies and process your main business.

In addition to outsourcing the dunning process, we offer you our services for various other sub-areas. If you wish, we can take over your entire personnel management, carry out your internal bookkeeping and handle your travel expense accounting. We are also your contact for external controlling and reporting . From digital personnel files and the processing of payment transactions to budget planning and dunning, we are experts in taking care of your internal commercial tasks. Contact us if you consider outsourcing your dunning process or want to learn more about our services – we look forward to receiving your order.